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About us

Sensi Wine is a premium supplier of Portuguese Wines. We have a diverse and powerful portfolio representing all of Portugal's wine regions, with a product line that ranges from specialty boutique wines to inexpensive wines that deliver exceptional value with an international style that is accessible to consumers.


Our focus is serving the customer's needs, with our centrally located warehouse and logistical support we make order consolidation easy. Our strong relationships with customers from across Europe, provide the experience to market and manage brands in each country, according to customer needs. If you are looking for value, service and a partner in Portugal that really cares about their customers please take the time to come visit us.


A Brief History of Sensi Wine

Sensi Wine was founded in 2009 by Gonçalo Valdez Vicente, after ten years working as export manager for some of the most acclaimed Portuguese wineries.


With a considerable network of partners around the world, and having consistently developed successful brands, the opportunity to create Sensi Wine arrived in the end of 2008, when some producers showed the need to share management and promotion of the wineries, giving Sensi Wine an important role in the full process, from production to distribution.


Nowadays Sensi Wine exclusively exports Portuguese products from partner producers, located in the most renowned regions such as Douro (Porto), Dão, Alentejo, Vinho Verde and Bairrada, among others.


Sensi Wine has also specialized in targeted brand developing, being able to offer adequate wine profile and packaging to different markets, based on the accumulated know-how and field experience.


In the first three years, the company has had succesful comercial undertakings with great customers from the United States, as well as European juggernauts such as Germany and Poland. We celebrate our continuing commercial relantionships and we seek new exctining ventures in emerging markets.


After the fifth year, we're proud to tell that our wines are now present in more than 10 countries, continuing to grow every year. 


We strive to be a leading company in a competitive global market.

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